Journal Title:  Journal of Pharmacy Teaching | Vol:  3 | Issue:  2 | Year:  1992   
Print ISSN:  1044-0054 | Online ISSN:  1540-7365   

The Commitment to Minority Recruitment Programs

Robert D. Gibson PharmD

pages: 27 - 34


A myriad of programs have been mounted to increase access for the underrepresented into health career programs, some being more successful than others. Cornmilment is the theme of this paper and is linked to success Uuou h discussions of: the background to the health care problem in which race, income and related socioeconomic variables play dominant roles; the issue of minority access to college; the minority manpower shortages/maldistribution controversy; and, the need to secure and commit financial resources which, as an expression for diversity, would lead to the improvement of the delivery of pharmaceutical care for all the citizens of this country.