Journal Title:  Journal of Pharmacy Teaching | Vol:  3 | Issue:  2 | Year:  1992   
Print ISSN:  1044-0054 | Online ISSN:  1540-7365   

Barriers to a Career in Pharmacy
An Hispanic Perspective

Carmen Aceves-Blumenthal BSPharm, MS

pages: 115 - 120


The underrepresentation of minority and Hispanic students in the pharmacy profession not only reflects the inequities in access to Ulis profession, but also a maldislribution of pharmacy services to Ule minority population. Financial, cultural and motivational issues play a part In Impeding the accession of more Hispanic students into the profession of pharmacy. A lack of role models and professional images of pharmacy also act as barriers to the selection of pharmacy as a career option. Real or self-imposed language barriers restrict a student's performance in the standardized PCAT examination as well as in didactic and clinical course work. The APIA proposes vigorous, long-term programs in recruitment, establishine: a network of minoritv role models and the development of recruihent guidelines for colleges of pharmacy.