IBMS BoneKEy | Perspective

Emergence of the osteo-epigenome in bone biology

Shigeaki Kato
Kazuki Inoue
Min-Young Youn



Bone development and bone remodeling are accompanied by bone cell-specific gene regulation. Recent progress in gene expression has revealed that chromatin remodeling and histone modifications are indispensable for transcriptional activation as well as repression. Previously known transcriptional co-regulators have consistently been found to regulate chromatin reorganization, constituting an epigenetic platform on chromatin. As in other tested cells, bone cell type-specific chromatin reorganization is thought to mediate the function of prime transcriptional factors, which are responsible for bone cell fate decision and cellular differentiation. In this Perspective, we review chromatin reorganization and its regulators in bone cells, along with recent pioneering work describing osteo-epigenetic regulators.

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