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Title List

View or export a list of titles that are available for collection, configured for collection, or actually collected in your LOCKSS box.

There are 69 titles available for collection, from 15 publishers.

Show: Available (69)   Configured (68)   Collected (68)  
Title type: Journals   Books   All types  
Format: Title Ranges1   Titles2   SFX DataLoader3  
Output: TSV4   CSV5   On-screen6  

By default, list is in the industry-standard KBART format. Alternatively you can customise the list to define which columns are visible and in what order they appear. Use this option also to add health ratings to the output.


  1. KBART standard format; each line is a complete title range. Coverage gaps will results in multiple ranges for a single title.
  2. Like KBART, but each title has only one line, with amalgamated ranges; precise coverage is indicated in the coverage_notes field.
  3. Suitable for import into ExLibris SFX.
  4. TSV (tab-separated values) files can be imported into spreadsheet programs.
  5. CSV (comma-separated values) files can be imported into spreadsheet programs.
  6. Allows on-screen inspection of the title list.

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