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April 2001; 1 (1)

Speaking of Pharmacology




  • Inflammation was characterized as a localized process over a century ago. Still, as McGeer and McGeer demonstrate, local inflammatory reactions remain decisive factors in some of the most important diseases of our time.

  • Predicted to become among the greatest pharmaceutical blockbusters, two so-called coxibs are now widely prescribed. Mardini and FitzGerald discuss the clinical ramifications of the widespread use of these drugs.

  • New technologies in chemistry and genomics have renewed the therapeutic appeal of “molecular” biology. Juliano et al. consider the novel macromolecular strategies within a pharmacological context.

  • In the pregenomics era, the molecular basis of cystic fibrosis was a revolutionary discovery. Today, as Pollard et al. show, pharmacogenomics promises to bring genome-wide perspectives to many diseases, including cystic fibrosis.

Beyond the Bench

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