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June 2001; 1 (2)

Open Channels




  • Cells have multiple reservoirs of Ca2+ions to draw from in response to diverse and often competing stimuli. The mechanisms by which cells coordinate cytosolic Ca2+ flux are now being probed as pharmacological targets.

  • Voltage-gated potassium channels are essential to the normal physiology of numerous cells and organs. The discovery of novel protein components of these channels has important implications for diverse pathological conditions.

  • The existence of splice variants of human G protein–coupled receptors is in itself an intriguing bit of biology. Even more fascinating are the subtle but significant ways that certain splice variants may affect protein–protein interactions involved in signaling.

  • Multidrug resistance can be an important clinical hurdle to the effective treatment of tumors. Pharmacological approaches to multidrug resistance are benefiting from, as well as contributing to, new insights into mechanisms of specific gene regulation.

Beyond the Bench

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