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For teachers, as well as for many other non-industrial categories of workers, noise exposure was for a long time considered a negligible risk. In the last decade, however, many researchers have investigated the problem. These have underlined that physical education and music teachers can subsist not only uncomfortable, but also unacceptable and risky noise exposures which can induce hearing problems and stress. The noise exposure levels are nevertheless very variable both for physical education teachers and for music teachers and depend on many factors. In this article an analysis of the noise exposure levels on 75 physical education teachers of 18 schools and of 9 music teachers of an academy of music are presented. The results show that a percentage of 20-25% PE teachers can reach a weekly noise exposure higher than 80 dB(A) while for 7 of the 9 music teachers the noise exposure during a normal working week can exceed the limit value of 87 dB(A).

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