Reading: Het netwerk rond het literaire tijdschrift Pa§ionate


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Het netwerk rond het literaire tijdschrift Pa§ionate


Christa van Mourik

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, NL
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This article explores the network of the Dutch literary magazine Pa§ionate (1994-2013) between 2003 and 2005, using only information about its network from inside the magazine. The network I will present not only shows who was involved with Pa§ionate in these years, as editors and/or contributors, but also gives information about the literary magazines and institutions Pa§ionate was connected with. Direct links between Pa§ionate and other institutions were created through advertisements. Furthermore, in each of the eighteen issues that were published in this period, one can find short biographical and bibliographical sketches of each of the contributors. Besides mentioning the publication of novels, these often contain information on previous publications in other (literary) magazines, as well as on performances at literary festivals. Through these sketches and with the contributors as connections Pa§ionate is connected to manyother (literary) magazines and institutions in the Dutch literary field. Based on the information about these direct and indirect connections from inside the magazine, Pa§ionate's network is mapped.
How to Cite: Mourik, C. van ., (2014). Het netwerk rond het literaire tijdschrift Pa§ionate. Tijdschrift voor Tijdschriftstudies. (34), pp.141–162. DOI:
Published on 28 Jan 2014.
Peer Reviewed


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